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Organic aquariums are designed for the less enthusiastic fish keeper to ensure that his tank is the best-kept tank in the business. No hassle testing, no hassle fish health, in fact no hassle fish keeping. Organic aquarium treatment is made up from three different treatments and here is a short explanation of the product. The three products work together as a bio-filter, by good balanced micro-life being activated and contained to balance and control healthy water quality in a closed system.


Why is it relevant? Fanatics at the trade have long professed there is only one way to do the job. That’s by the age old tank cycling system (of course this age old cycling method has always had problems with new water syndrome). In short, get fish to make ammonia (natural occurring waste from fish and all other animals), grow nitrasamonas (ammonia eating bacteria, nitrifying bacteria) and turn ammonia into nitrite. Then grow nitrobacters (nitrite eating bacteria, de-nitrifying bacteria) and turn that into nitrate. Then remove the nitrate build up by changing water for low nitrate level water. Thereby keeping water almost perfect, free of ammonia and nitrite.

Hopefully this product will level out the peaks and troughs involved in this cycle that are responsible for fish wipe outs due to ammonia and nitrite poisoning on the peaks.

New tank syndrome

What is it? It is the peaks and troughs in ammonia and nitrite densities that cause fish loss and wipe outs. What does B-Bac do to help this? It promotes rapid growth of beneficial bacteria in a very little space of time, by activating dormant bacteria in the product, immediately combating the ammonia waste from fish. It’s like an ammonia filter. Contains dormant nitrosomonas that combat the high ammonia levels associated with fish loss.

It de-activates chlorine and other harmful chemicals in tap water almost immediately, by combating chloramines and releasing them into the atmosphere from the tank water. Takes harmful elements from the water and disperses them via gasses to the atmosphere, releases natural oils into the water to coat fish, enhancing a natural protection to combat naturally occurring pathogens (bad bacteria that causes fish diseases) in the water.

Thereby combating ‘New Water Syndrome’ (the fact that even new water can contain harmful as well as beneficial bacteria).

General treatment

Contains nitro-bacters including nitrosomonas to reduce peaks in the nitrogen cycle, by bacterial dissolution of waste fish products and evening out the peaks and troughs in the nitrite cycle, thereby helping natural bacteria levels to grow at a constant, maintaining a more streamlined cycle.

Contains a natural additive to release toxic waste from the water via natural dissolution of gasses out of the water and replacing them with oxygen gasses generated by the nitrification process, more suited to beneficial aspects of the fish keeping cycle.

Acts against fungus, by starving bad bacteria of their food (with no food, bacteria starve to death and can’t live). In the same way it controls algae growth, by denying chlorophylls the right to naturally occurring food such as dead nitrosomonas and dead nitrobacters. By removing and processing dead bacteria, it leaves no residue in the water to cause cloudy water.

Health treatment

Mixture of minerals and plant materials. Health treatment is active against dangerous protozoa types and against different fish pathogens. Cleanse wounds and prevents infections. Causes a mucus layer to cover the wound while it heals, repelling bacterial diseases and therefore adds to the fish health by prevention and not cure. Positively active on the skin membrane enhancing health and coloration.

Why you should use this product

Every fish keeper will understand losing a fish, mostly through no fault of his or her own. Now most of know that’s not true. If we had done this or that then ‘it’ would not have occurred. Most fish salesmen are very happy that fish losses are heavy as they sell more fish. This product is designed to help the more unfortunate of us that make mistakes by eliminating them.

It is not a substitute for tank cycling unless used on a daily basis and that’s not what most of us want to do. We want less maintenance, less time spent trying to answer complicated problems and more time enjoying the watching syndrome that enthralls us all.

Does not eliminate completely the need for vast surface areas to grow beneficial bacteria (filters or aggregate beds), more adds to the natural cycle to speed up the process. Add this product on a weekly basis (two minutes a week) chucking the right amount of this stuff to suit our tanks. This will ensure that whatever you do wrong reduces fish loss to the absolute minimum. Whether you use this product or a similar product it is packed in handy quantities and eliminates overdosing or under dosing each month by using a new pack.

Startup pack
This carries larger doses of ammonia decreasing bacteria and therefore must only be used for the first 28 days.

Maintenance pack
This carries the correct doses of continually needed bacteria and thus maintains a continually healthy bacterial balance in the water and should be used on a continuing basis.

As always there is a cost.

Small to medium tank 4-6 euros per week

Medium to large 6-8 euros per week

Larger 10 euros per week.

When you don’t have time to do the natural cycling (one hour or more per week) then it’s a small price to pay to keep your fish healthy.

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