Fish Swimbladder Problem

Just a little blog to set things straight.

Goldfish are prone to swim bladder problems? True!

Once a goldfish is infected does he die? No!

Swim bladder diseases are curable? No, only in exceptional cases!

Heavy food works to correct this? Wrong, it just changes the fish’s equilibrium or ballast!

What can I do? Virtually nothing, unless you get the disease in the first few weeks, after that the deformity is permanent.

How do I detect it? The fish swims or goes upside down.

How do I cure it? Pond goldfish treatment: Interpet 2626 code. Apply as soon as you notice symptoms. It IS a disease which is internal.

How do I avoid it? Use Biosafe or a similar product – it costs very little to prevent.

Goldfish are hardy but not immune, and bacteria attack from the inside as well as outside.

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