Becoming the leader of the pack – Five basic commands you need to teach your dog.

There are certainly many reasons for owners to want a tranquil, obedient and faithful dog. For one thing, an obedient and trained pet is a healthier pet, much less likely to get into fights with individuals or other animals. Certainly, educating your dog will likewise make them a much better household buddy, especially in houses where there are kids.

When educating your dog there are certain fundamental commands that must be mastered in order for a dog to be deemed really trained. These fundamental commands include:

Heel. It is important that any breed of dog learns to walk beside its owner on a loose lead, neither pulling ahead nor dragging behind.
No. This is one word that all pets must learn. Training your dog to respond to this important word could save you lots of problems.
Sit. Training your dog to sit on command is a vital part of any dog’s training program.
Stay. A well trained dog should remain where his/her owner commands, so it is an extremely important command in dog training.
Down. Resting on command is a crucial component of any type of successful dog training programme.

dog commandsA pet dog training programme does more than merely create an obedient, ready buddy. Training your dog appropriately builds up the bond that exists between dog and handler. Dogs are pack animals, and they want their pack leader to tell them exactly what to do. The trick to successful dog training is to set yourself up as that pack leader.

There is only one leader in every pack of pets, and the owner must develop him or herself as the dominant animal. Failure to do so could result in all manner of problems later on.
A trained dog will react promptly to all the owner’s commands, and will not display any anxiousness, annoyance or confusion. A good dog training programme will focus on enabling the dog to learn what is expected of it, and will use positive reinforcement to reward wanted habits.

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Along with making the dog a good member of the community, obedience training is an excellent method to meet a few of the dog’s own demands, including the demand for workout, the comfort that comes with recognizing exactly what is expected of it, a sensation of achievement and a good working connection with its handler. Pet dog training offers the dog an important job to do, and an important objective to reach.

Providing the dog with a ‘job’ is more crucial than you think. Dogs were initially bred to do important work, such as rounding up lambs, guarding property and protecting individuals. Many pets today have no important job to do, and this could give them a feeling of monotony and cause neurotic behaviour. Fundamental obedience training and ongoing training sessions provides the dog with an important job to do. This is especially important for high energy breeds like Alsatians and border collies. Training sessions are an excellent method for these high energy pets to expend their extra energy and simply enjoy themselves.

Including play into your dog training sessions is an excellent method to prevent both you and your dog from ending up feeling being burnt out and playing with your dog helps to strengthen the all-important bond between you – the pack leader – and your dog.

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